The difference and advantages of PA, PU, PVC coatings

The difference of PA, PU, PVC coatings:

1. The difference between PA and PU coatings(It’s hard to tell from the outside):

1). Feel: PA has astringent feel, PU is smoother, and PU has better elasticity than PA;

2). Luster: PA has no luster, PU has luster and brighter;

3). PU has a good film feel, and it feels like a film to the touch. In short, PU is brighter, has good elasticity, and has a filmy feel, while PA does not have these conditions.

2. The difference between PU and PVC coatings:

1).The former is leather and the latter is glue.

2). From the corners, the PU base fabric is much thicker than PVC.

3). In terms of feel: PU has a softer feel; PVC has a harder feel;

4). You can also use fire to burn, the taste of PU is much lighter than that of PVC.