Europe High Quality Sunproof Waterproof Outdoor Motorcycle Covers

Why We Need Motorcycle Cover?

Motorcycle cover is a basic but essential accessories for motorcycle enthusiasts. They are giving your precious machine an amazing motorcycle shelter, to protect it from water dust, mud, high temperature, wind, etc. No matter you need it for indoor storage or extreme outdoor conditions, they can gives you best protection and care.


What Makes A Good Motorcycle Cover?

HONGAO All Season 210D Heavy Duty Motorcycle Cover is waterproof, breathable, durable and made to last, providing you with top to bottom protection from rain, dust, heat, ice, snow, damaging uv, tree sap, bird dropping, etc. It has safety hole and windproof buckle to allow for convenient storage. Our motorcycle covers are universal fit for most types of motorcycles like cruisers, sports bike, touring motorcycles, etc.

Kindly Remind:

Please measure the length of your motorcycle before purchase.

Package List:

1x Motorcycle Cover

1x Carry Bag


Windproof Buckles

Windproof buckles to ensure your moped cover stays firmly in place and will not slip or flap in the wind


Elastic Strap Design

Adjustable elastic band ensure a snug and secure fit


210D Oxford Fabric

Durable oxford fabric to ensure ultimate protection against and rain


Lock Hole Design

Aluminum lock-holes to let you lock your motorcycle and you don’t have to worry about rust



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