Europe & America Outdoor Waterproof Patio Table Furniture Set Covers

Hongao Paito Table Cover To Keep Your Outdoor Furniture From Wear And Tear. Try Our Patio Furniture Set Cover!

HONGAO patio furniture cover is committed to protecting your outdoor furniture from the weather and any debris. It is crafted with durable oxford fabric, UV-proof and waterproof PU coating, defending your outdoor patio furniture from strong UV rays, heavy rain, big snow and any leaves or bird dropping.

Featuring adjustable hem drawstrings and buckles, this flexible outdoor patio cover can perfectly fit with your furniture and protect your patio furniture from strong wind.




Durable Air Wents

  • With 4 quality air vents on side
  • Reduce water vapour condensation
  • Keep internal air flowing


Elasric Hem Drawstrings

  • With 2 resilient hem drawstrings on the bottom
  • Customize it to fit your furniture sets tightly



Windproof Buckle Straps

  • With 4 buckle straps on the bottom
  • Withstraw the strong wind to keep it in place


Reinforced Padded Handeles

  • With 2 large sturdy padded handles
  • Much easier to put on and take off

67593cc7-c9b1-409d-962f-caf405761cf9.__CR0,0,970,600_PT0_SX970_V1___8df696a6-4816-4a91-a754-4e3f4831f133.__CR0,0,970,600_PT0_SX970_V1___ Our patio furniture cover gives your indoor/outdoor furniture scure and long-time protection. It can withstraw any weather and dust & leaves. Suitable to be used in patio, garden, poolside, balcony, terrace and so on. It is also perfect for a wide range of patio furniture shapes: patio table, patio chair, patio sofa, lounge chair, couch, and other furniture sets.

Post time: Aug-03-2022
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