The Super Soft Pet Seat Cover Ensures Your Dog Are Comfortable!


No matter what situation you find your dog in, with HONGAO Pets car seat cover, your car will stay clean and dry every time. Whether your dog accidentally pee’s in the car, is caked in mud, or sopping wet – the hi-tech fabric provides an impenetrable barrier.

Not only will the Pets car seat cover keep your car clean, it also prevents sharp claws from ruining your seats!The cover itself can be cleaned by a wet towel, a vacuum cleaner or you can just wash the cover with water,shake it and let it dry.

Enjoy a fresh, clean cover for years to come.

The super soft, material ensures your Dog are always comfortable!

4 Benefits You Can Get From HONGAO Pet Seat Cover

① Each durable clip is made of extra strong plastic. The design also features adjustable straps to customize to your car.



② Use a seat belt harness for your pet’s safety, or snuggle in the back seat with your doggy and strap on your seat belt as normal.



③ Includes 2 seat anchors that can tuck into the crevices between your car seats. This will ensure your seat cover is totally secured in place.


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