5 Tips You Must Know When Buying Outdoor Furniture Covers


Outdoor furniture covers are vital for protecting your outdoor investment. Without them, your furniture and cushions will deteriorate more quickly. At some point in time, summer will wane and you will spend less time bundled up on your patio.

As with anything outside, there are pros and cons to different materials and designs. I will point out some of the things I have learned over the years. Some of these are not necessarily obvious to the average consumer, so listen up.

5 Tips To Patio Furniture Sets
1. Size
The first and most important thing is that you order the right cover for your patio furniture. Believe it or not, some people don’t take the time to ensure that the size of their furniture covers match their furniture.

Very often, manufacturers will make covers specifically for their pieces. It is a good idea to check the manufacturer’s page of the furniture set you have to see if they make their own. Otherwise, you will need to check the dimensions. Sometimes covers can be too long and they can drag on the floor and get dust and water on them. Avoid using “one size fits all” patio furniture sets. This will cause you more trouble than it’s worth.

You can find patio furniture covers here and you can also find covers for barbecue grills, umbrellas and patio heaters here.


2. Waterproof Patio Furniture Covers
Most patio furniture covers claim to be waterproof, but they are only resistant to light rain at best. A vinyl patio furniture cover allows water to roll off the cover, keeping your furniture nice and dry. It also protects your furniture from dust and debris that can leave unsightly marks on your clothing. Be careful, trapping moisture in the cover can lead to the growth of fungus, which is my next recommendation.


3. Breathable Design
Breathable furniture covers have vents inside to allow air to circulate between the furniture. Without these vents, your furniture will start to get mouldy and mildewy. If this happens to you, you can find out how to remove mould from patio furniture here. Some companies advertise breathable materials. The only problem is that this also allows water to pass through, so you give up some weatherproof qualities.


4. Soft Fabric Backing
You want a furniture cover with a soft fabric backing that won’t rub or scratch the surface of your furniture. This is especially important if you have stained wooden furniture. After sitting on your patio deck for a whole season, the cover may rub off the paint or finish coating, leaving unsightly spots. To avoid this, always buy covers that have a soft fabric backing.

5. Rope
This is a handy little feature that will prevent you from having to chase your furniture cover around the yard. In stormy or windy conditions, furniture covers can easily turn into balloons. Buy furniture covers with rope ties on the bottom to help you secure them to your furniture. For more tips on handling patio furniture in windy conditions, you can check out these tips.


Closing Remarks
When the last leaves fall and the warm summer weather recedes, we all have to deal with the change. Patio furniture covers are just one solution to this problem. There are cushion storage boxes that you can store cushions in when not in use. They are also very stylish! Take a look at what I’m talking about here.

Another thing people never think about is using your outdoor furniture indoors. Don’t worry, you won’t be the only one! Why not, outdoor furniture has come a long way and it’s not just the cold industrial style we used to see. Just take a look at some of the latest modern outdoor furniture designs.

Post time: Mar-09-2023
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